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Micralite launch the Twofold at Kind & Jungen

Koln - September 2011

The new Micralite Twofold buggy drew admiring glances as it was unveiled at the Kind + Jugend baby trade show in Cologne.

Which? pushchair expert Victoria Pearson says: 'What makes the Micralite Twofold different is that instead of the second seat taking up space under the main seat, the second child sits in a position behind the original seat and shopping basket.

'A nice feature is that the second child doesn't sit with their legs in the shopping basket, so that space can still be used.'

This has been achieved by adding a new style of conversion kit to the Twofold. Its patented new design includes a latch mechanism that moves the rear wheels back and extends the wheelbase of the stroller.

Ultimately, this design provides greater stability, allowing heavier loads to be safely carried. It also says that the double stroller option with the additional rear infant seat attached weighs just 10kgs - light for an inline double pushchair.

The Twofold can be used in a number of different configurations:

one-seat, short wheelbase stroller.
one-seat, long wheelbase stroller with 40 litre shopping bag.
two-seat, long wheelbase double stroller.
one-seat, long wheelbase stroller with a ride-on board for a toddler.

Micralite are due to launch the Twofold in the Autumn 2012

UK's leading physicist Brian Cox seen in London with his Micralite

Upcycled Micralite - the "All Terrain Shopping Buggy"
Australia - Jan 2012

We received this post from Melissa in Australiawho has prolonged the life of her Micralite by converting it into a shopping trolley.

"hi Micralite my buggy was past it's useability as a child transportation option, so my hubby and I upcycled it and turned it into a shopping buggy."

Micralite's popularity in Japan continues to grow
Yokohama - Feb. 2012

The launch of the new toro and the Superlite Classic in Japan seen the popularity of Micralite grow in Japan. Micralite has seen sales of their products grow in Japan since it's launch in 2007.

Who's pushing a Micralite......

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