100 Day Test Drive

100 Day money back guarantee on ProFold, FastFold and Sleep&Go.

Meet the Game Changers.

ProFold. FastFold. Sleep&Go.

3 Products to change your life. 100 days to fall in love. So confident are we in the power of our parenting tools, we've decided to put our money where our mouth is. 

It's easy for brands to make bold claims on the internet. And it's hard to know which ones to trust. So we've removed the risk for you. Purchase as normal through micralite.com, and if you're less than in love after 100 days of adventure, you can have your money back. Feel free to prove us wrong...  



The one that fits anywhere.



The one that goes anywhere.



The one for sleep and play.


*All we need from you is to let our customer services team know before the end of the 100 days and make sure the product is re-packed in its original packaging with all original parts. The 100 days starts from the day you recieve your FastFold, ProFold or Sleep&Go/Sleep&Go Lite. 

Just to make you aware, we can only accept and provide refunds for products displaying a level of wear and tear that we consider to be reasonable as a result of normal day-to-day usage of the stroller for 30 days.