The icon and the anarchist. 


Two brands. One a household name, a global super-brand with links to royalty. The other a disruptive free thinker, a newcomer with ambition and attitude. Outwardly they couldn't look more different but at their core share a passion for freedom and innovation. This is the story of Silver Cross and Micralite. 

In 1877 Silver Cross changed family life forever by inventing a product that allowed parents to get out with their babies for the first time – the perambulator. Over 100 years later Micralite set out to do the same thing. Only by this time parents didn’t want to just get out - they wanted to explore, to climb mountains, to hit the beach, to go anywhere and bring their baby along too. 

And so, in 1990 the Micralite FastFold was born. Design led with functionality at its core, it marked another turning point in family life as it challenged the way strollers were meant to look and behave. Throughout the 1990’s and into the 2000’s Silver Cross continued as the stalwart of the pram industry while Micralite persevered on its mission to break traditions. 

By 2018 Micralite had found a small global audience but needed the help of a bigger brand to help it on its way to world domination – Silver Cross stepped in. Two innovative British brands focused on fulfilling the needs of families worldwide. 

The FastFold got a facelift, and new products were introduced that all stayed true to the Micralite belief that making family adventures easier, makes parenting more fun. 

So that’s the story. Micralite by Silver Cross, two different brands, one happy family.

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The one that fits anywhere.



The one for sleep and play. Home and away.



The one that goes anywhere.