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Micralite reviews

I've had cheap prams, crazy expensive prams, big prams, little prams. Been there, tried the lot and ONLY my trusty Micralite has made it this far. Ditched the rest but kept the best!

Jessica Davies-Matthews, UK

I think Micralite is one of the best strollers I have ever used. Mine has lasted five years already and we are hoping for another five with our new daughter.

Emma Harkinson, UK

So easy to push, and with the hammock design, my youngest was so comfortable in the heat having naps. The extra handles mean it’s designed for taller people too. Best choice we’ve made in terms of purchases for our children.

Jenna Fowlie, UK

I’m delighted with my Micralite. It’s so lightweight and easy to fold and carry upstairs to my top floor flat. So many of my friends struggle with apartment living and heavy prams.

Lisa Dunn, Australia

I love how easy they are to use. I love that you can change the liners and the hoods. I would never use anything else. Always had fantastic customer service.

Charlotte Jane Fraser, UK