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Travel Cots

Co-sleeper, bassinet, travel cot, playpen… you might think you need them all to go travelling with baby. But you’d be wrong. You just need one of our Sleep&Go travel cots.

Sleep & Go.

The one that lets baby sleep, play and go.

We could talk about how the Sleep&Go offers an amazing sleep and a safe, exciting place for baby to play. Because it does.


The ultimate travel cot.

It's at home on holiday.

Because it folds up and fits into a compact carry case, the Sleep&Go is the ideal travel companion, so you can take your little one’s bed on your next holiday. You just need to book it, now…



The Sleep&Go is born ready. And newborn-ready.

With a co-sleeping bassinet that sits at your bed level, a soft-yet-firm mattress, and air-flow mesh panels, the Sleep&Go has everything your newborn needs, from A to Zzzzz.

Suitable from birth Perfect for your nipper, whether they’re 3 minutes or 3 years old.
Weighs just 7kg When we say the Sleep&Go is lightweight and mobile, we mean it.
Integrated play pen opening Unzip the front and Sleep&Go transforms into a mini playground.
Certified for overnight sleeping So you and your little one can sleep easy at night.
Expandable mattress A mattress that expands as your child grows.
This is a great travel cot - super light and easy to use so not a problem to take with us to friends for dinner. We wanted something simple or we knew we wouldn't use it. Our baby likes it and the baby insert is serving us well. We are very pleased with this product.
5 5
4 5
I like micralite sleep and go - it’s easy to use and fast to set it up. The only thing is that my baby didn’t like so much the mattress. It’s a little bit too firm for her. But after 3,4 nights she strarts sleeping the whole night.
4 5

Sleep&Go Lite

The one that makes sleep and play simple.

Super-comfy travel cot? Check. Bump-proof playpen? Check. Unfolds and packs up in seconds? Check. Light and easy to carry? Check. Sorry, competition, that sounds like checkmate.

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Sets up in seconds.

Shake out. Pop up. Job done.

No more getting frustrated with fiddly cots - and teaching nipper some four-letter words in the process. With the Sleep & Go Lite, you just shake it out and pop it up. Oh, and it folds away just as fast, too.

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Sleep&Go Lite.

The one that makes sleep and play simple.

You can see the Sleep&Go Lite as the Sleep&Go’s little sibling. It looks and does pretty much the same thing – namely, keeping your little one safe and secure while they sleep and play.

Suitable from birth. Perfect for your nipper, whether they’re 3 minutes or 3 years old.
Weighs just 7kg. When we say the Sleep&Go is lightweight and mobile, we mean it.
Easy-fold action. Simply press a button, tuck in its legs and fold it away. Child’s play.
Expandable mattress. A mattress that expands as your child grows.
Durable duffel bag. Fold the Sleep&Go into its compact bag for simple, stylish and secure travel.
Travel cot is excellent. So easy to use and grandson very happy.
5 5
Folds open and closed really easily. Easy to pack into the travel bag. My LO did wake up more often when in this - I’d take a bit of extra padding next time as it’s pretty hard.
4 5
5 5
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