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Our Story

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Monday to Friday between 9am & 5:30pm


Welcome to the family


You could say Micralite was born of frustration. We saw how too many products existed merely to help us cope with having children. But you don’t have children just to cope. You have them because it’s a bloody amazing thing to do.

So forget coping. Micralite products are about making life better. More fun, more adventurous. And a good deal easier, too.

That’s why our strollers are lightweight and nimble. That’s why they’re dead easy to use - they unfurl and fold up again so quickly, you’ll think they’re a magic trick. And they’re really, really well made.

Because above all here at Micralite, we’re two things - engineers and parents. So we know what you need to make parent life easier and more adventurous. And we know how to make that happen. The result of which is the thing you’ve just bought.

We hope you love it.

And now you’re part of the family, you can be honest with us. So if you don’t love it, let us know. And if you do, well, tell your friends about us. Because there’s always room for more members in this family.


Micralite. Making adventure easy.

Call Us On 01756 702410

Monday to Friday between 9am & 5:30pm